Project Description

We give our students the best instructional care possible. Our middle school students, 5th through 7th grade, encounter classes that build on their foundations of math, science, language arts, social studies, Bible, and more. Across all disciplines, our students will receive instruction that integrates a Christian, biblical worldview that allows them to grow in both knowledge and stature. We partner our core curriculum with speciality programs such as art, music, library, PE, and an integrated technology learning lab to enable our students to grow as a whole person.

Along with our specialty programs, starting at grade 6, our students can play middle school volleyball, basketball, track, and golf. They can continue their pursuit of becoming top-performing archers. Our athletic programs allow our students to enhance their athletic acuteness and prepare for success at the varsity level. Our middle schoolers learn the value of teamwork and partnership, integrity and character, discipline, and persistence.

Weekly chapel services round off our students’ learning experience, as they together learn to worship, serve, and grow in faith. Building our students’ faith sets a firm foundation, ensuring future success.

Altogether, our middle school students will grow in preparedness for every step in life.