Financial Assistance

We understand that some families may find the cost of tuition outside their annual budget. We are committed to providing access to outstanding students who, for financial reasons, would otherwise be unable to attend our school. For this reason, generous donors have established a scholarship fund to assist qualifying families.

All families who wish to apply for financial aid at CCS must complete a financial aid application. Please know that any family that finds the tuition to be a true burden is invited to apply for financial assistance. CCS uses FACTS Management Company to provide this service to our families. Click Here, click on “FACTS Financial Aid” which will take you directly to the application and you can sign in. FACTS requires an application fee of $35.00.

The CCS Scholarship Committee assembles annually to review each request with the desire to assist our families based on what the Lord provides through our caring donors. Our ability to provide financial aid is limited by the amount of funds donated to CCS for scholarships. When funds are available and families qualify, we will provide no more than 50% of a student’s/family’s tuition.