CCS Admissions

Thank you for your interest in Clovis Christian Schools! We are excited to partner with you as you consider the unique possibilities that CCS holds. At Clovis Christian, we are committed to creating lifelong learners, passionate leaders, and disciples of Christ.

For 25 years, Clovis Christian Schools has been committed to shaping the culture around us through the love of Jesus Christ. Transformation begins with our commitment to the children of Clovis and the surrounding communities. We believe that equipping our students to thrive in a tumultuous and ever-changing world is just the beginning of transforming our cities, our nation, and our world.

If you would like to hear more about our wonderful school, we invite you to contact our Registrar Mrs. Ami Mitchell, or Assistant Principal Ms. Anna McNeil, We look forward to hearing from you and beginning a conversation about your child’s individualized program of study.


School Grades Tuition Early Bird Registration Fee

Regular Registration Fee

Pre-K Full Day Pre-K $4,150.00 $185.00 $235.00
Elementary K-6th $4,475.00 $185.00 $235.00
Secondary 7th – 12th $4,875.00 $185.00 $235.00

Tuition Discounts

No Discounts or Scholarships can be used for Pre-K.

New Family Discount (K – 12th Grade):
New families to Clovis Christian Schools will receive a 50% discount on their tuition for the first year.

Multiple Student Discounts (K – 12th Grade):

Families with more than 1 student* receive the following tuition discounts:
1st child (oldest) pays full tuition
2nd child receives 10% discount
3rd child receives 10% discount
4th or 5th child receives 75% discount
*Pre-K tuition is not eligible for the multi-student discount.

Enlisted Military Discount (K – 12th Grade):
Families who are active duty military with ranks E-1 through E-9 are eligible for an annual discount of $500.

Pastoral Discount (K – 12th Grade):
Families whose parent/legal guardian is currently serving as a pastor in their church are eligible for a 35% annual tuition discount.

Payment in Full Discounts (K – 12th Grade):

Tuition paid in Full by August 15th : $100 discount per family
Tuition paid by Semester: $50 discount per family (first payment by August 15th , second payment by January 31st ; discount applied in 2nd semester)

Discount Restrictions:
The enlisted military discount is not eligible to be stacked with the multiple student discount. Families will receive whichever discount they qualify for that gives them the greatest discount. Scholarships may not be stacked with the new family discount, but are able to be stacked with military or multi student discounts. The pastoral discount may be stacked with the multi student discount. Payment in full discounts are able to be stacked with any other discount.

Financial Aid (K – 12th Grade)

All families who wish to apply for financial aid at CCS must complete a financial aid application. Please know that any family that finds the tuition to be a true burden is invited to apply for financial assistance. CCS uses FACTS Management Company to provide this service to our families. Go to, click on “FACTS Financial Aid” which will take you directly to the application and you can sign in. FACTS requires an application fee of $35.00. The deadline to apply for financial aid for the 2020-2021 school year is May 15, 2020.

The CCS Scholarship Committee assembles annually to review each request with the desire to assist our families based on what the Lord provides through our caring donors. Our ability to provide financial aid is limited by the amount of funds donated to CCS for scholarships. When funds are available and families qualify, we will provide no more than 50% of a student’s/family’s tuition.

Tuition Payment Options

 through FACTS Management Company

Clovis Christian Schools is pleased to offer you a convenient online method to set up a payment plan with FACTS Management Company. All of our payment plans for payment in full, semester payments, and monthly payments can be set up through FACTS Management Company. During enrollment, you will set up your FACTS account so that you can set up your own tuition payment plan.

Tuition may be paid in one of three ways:

1. Full payment paid before August 15th (receive a $100 discount)
2. Semester payments (receive a $50 discount), plus $20 annual fee payable to FACTS.
3. Monthly payments: 12-month payment plans beginning in July and ending in June.

A $50.00 draft set-up fee is required for this payment option. FACTS will draft the set-up fee from your account 14 days after you complete your payment plan with FACTS.

Pre-K Base Tuition $4,150.00
Full Payment ($100 Discount per child) Due by August 15th $4,050.00
Semester Payments ($50 Discount per child) 1st half due by August 15th $1,962.87
2nd half due by January 31st $2,137.13
Monthly Payments 12 Months July – June $345.83
Elementary Base Tuition (K-6th) $4,475.00
Full Payment ($100 Discount per child) Due by August 15th $4,375.00
Semester Payments ($50 Discount per child) 1st half due by August 15th $2,120.51
2nd half due by January 31st $2,254.49
Monthly Payments 12 Months July – June $372.92
Secondary Base Tuition (7th-12th) $4,875.00
Full Payment ($100 Discount per child) Due by August 15th $4,775.00
Semester Payments ($50 Discount per child) 1st half due by August 15th $2,314.52
2nd half due by January 31st $2,460.48
Monthly Payments 12 Months July – June $406.25

(Example payment options do not include additional fees)

Tuition Refund Policy: If a student withdraws or is unenrolled during the school year, the tuition owed is computed by rounding the time remaining in the school year down to the nearest month. If there is a difference of tuition paid and prorated tuition, a refund of tuition will be paid to the parent up to the last day of January. No tuition shall be refunded if a student withdraws February 1st and thereafter. (Exceptions may be made for military members PCSing at the Superintendent’s discretion.)

Registration Fee and Textbooks
The registration fee is $235 (or $185 if paid before April 15th) per student for all grades at the time of registration. Once a student has been admitted to CCS, the registration fee is non-refundable.

Textbooks: There is no textbook fee. Textbooks will be supplied by the school and shall be the property of the school. Students will be charged for damaged or lost books.

Miscellaneous Fees

There may be expenses for extracurricular activities, sports, field trips, yearbook, labs, etc.
These are NOT included in the Registration Fee.