Strategic Planning

Every year, a small group of parents, faculty and staff, students, and partners in education gather together to discuss the future and progress of Clovis Christian Schools.

This group of 10-12 people set in place strategies and action plans, coupled with accountability measures, in order to ensure the continual improvement of the school.

2018-2019 Team:
Dr. Adrienne Bratcher, President, Board of Directors
Dr. Ladona Clayton, Superintendent
John Dansby, Principal PK-7
Marli Raney, PACE President
Kimber Harrison, Support Staff
Kelli Lohr, Support Staff
Kristin Kruckeberg, Elementary Teacher
Stephanie Stover, High School Teacher
Kala Adair, Parent/Business Partner
Tyler Birchett, High School Student
Ashlee Silvers, High School Student


  • 100% of our students will graduate and garner a college or vocational scholarship by achieving rigorous academic standards.
  • Each student will acquire a command of self through spiritual alertness, physical discipline, intellectual acuteness, and social proficiency.
  • Each student will cultivate Christian morals and ethics through the teaching of biblical principles.
  • Each student will benefit from a faculty and staff who model Christ and adhere to educational integrity, quality, and accuracy.


  • We will provide the highest quality instruction using invigorating and evidence-based practices for all students in all grade levels.
  • We will expand educational resources to enhance technological opportunities and strengthen academic rigor.
  • We will hire and retain highly qualified teachers and support staff.
  • We will equip teachers and staff to be disciples.
  • We will reach more families to fulfill our mission.
  • We will secure new sources of funding to meet our mission and objectives.


  • All programs and services will be guided by Christian, Biblical principles.
  • No new program or service will be instituted unless it is consistent with the Clovis Christian Schools Strategic Plan, and benefits clearly exceed the costs.
  • No existing program or service will be retained unless it continues to make an optimum contribution to the mission, and benefits continue to justify the costs.
  • We will not tolerate behaviors that endanger any individual.